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A failure led to achieving my dream

future you the author motivation positive impact productivity self-publishing Nov 21, 2021

It’s a big day! I’m officially a published author and it’s because of you. If you’re thinking that sounds trite or like a lie, stick with me for a second.

Seven-ish years ago, I started a website called Author’s Atlas. As far as what it was supposed to do in the industry, it was a big fat failure. (One into which I had sunk hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars.) But something important came from its demise… my newsletter!

On Feb 22, 2015, I sent my first newsletter to 26 people. (And I’m pretty sure 6 of those were my own email address.) Since that date, I’ve sent an email every week. I’ve talked about finding your focus, fighting distractions, getting more organized, overcoming your challenges… I’ve talked about my family, my pets, my past, my tomato plants. I talked and talked and you listened.

In writing all those newsletters, I found my voice. I clarified my message. In your replies, I found that what I was saying was not only making sense, it was helping you. (Talk about a motivation boost!) I learned what was working for you and what wasn’t. I listened to the challenges you were facing and brainstormed solutions.

Over 300 emails later, here we are: Because of you, I’m a published author. Because of you, I achieved 10-Year-Old Past Mel’s dream of writing and publishing a book. 

What a great team we are! Thank you for your help and your support. If my newsletter has ever helped you, I hope my book will help you 100x more. I hope you’ll be reminded of lessons we’ve talked about many times like “let it be easy” and “what would Future You do?” I hope you’ll discover new strategies for creating meaning and joy and authenticity in your life. I wrote it for you, and I think that’ll come through when you read it.

Whether you’ve been with me since the beginning or we’re new friends doesn’t matter. I appreciate you all the same. 

Thank you.

And because I can’t leave you without a challenge for the week…


Let someone know you appreciate them. It’ll make them feel good and it’ll make you feel good. And feeling good will improve your motivation, focus, productivity, energy… whatever it is you’re after… appreciation always helps.


Your 5-Star Life Coach ⭐️

P.S. The paperback version of Becoming Future You is available and the ebook will release at midnight! :) (I got as close as I could to making it simultaneous.)

When you buy your copy, make sure you upload your receipt before 12/1. I want to send some gifts to you in the mail! (Yes! Actual mail.) I’ve got stickers, a bookmark, a bookplate, and a printed copy of the companion journal with your name on it, {{first_name}}!

Get your copy on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Apple, Google or wherever you get your books!








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