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Planning for the Future - Don't Fall into This Trap!

focus goals joy self-care Oct 03, 2021

A week ago today I was in the pool in Florida with my friends and I said, “I don’t want to go home.”

And then I proceeded to outline all the reasons why… it was going to be cold, our pool was already closed, it was starting to get dark earlier, I would have to catch up on work, and I didn’t want to go to a home that didn’t have Mr. Leo living in it anymore.

We lost Mr. Leo (dog), the founding member of the #JollyZoo while we were in Florida. It was quick and unexpected in that he hadn’t been having any major issues or symptoms. But on the other hand, he was 18 years old and we knew we wouldn’t get to keep him forever. We just didn’t expect to get that call while we were gone and we didn’t expect that we weren’t going to get to say goodbye.

My friends were sympathetic, but one of them also said something really important to me. She said:

"I understand, but you’re not home yet. You’re sitting on the side of a pool in warm, sunny Florida with your friends. That’s where you are today."

My focus is always on helping you become the most authentic version of Future You possible. It’s where my focus often is with myself, but that means I have a blind spot… sometimes I forget that my life is also happening right now.

Maybe you’re like me and sometimes living in the future.

Or maybe you get caught up in wishing Past You had made different choices.

It’s a delicate balance we’re seeking. If you never think about the future, then you live without intention and you’re just going to get bounced down the river of life without much say in what comes next. Life will be something that happens to you. If you always think about the future or the past, you miss what’s happening in the present.

I think of it sort of like driving. You’ve got to look in the rearview mirror, the sideview mirror, and through the windshield to get safely where you’re going. You’ve got to look in all directions but you also want to interact with the people in the car with you.

There’s a balance to be found:

Make note of what’s bringing Present You joy or focus or success today.

Plan for tomorrow and set Future You up to win.

Give Past You a high five and some credit for making it through that hard thing.

All the versions of you are awesome. We can look to the future, appreciate the past, and enjoy the present… all at the same time.


Take some time to journal about why your present life is fabulous. Sure, you’ve got goals and dreams that haven’t come true yet, but where you’re at today is pretty great too.


You’ve got this!



Your 5-Star Life Coach ⭐️

P.S. I know everyone thinks their dog is the best, but Mr. Leo was the most intelligent very good boy I’ve ever had the pleasure of loving.



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