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Am I getting anywhere?

focus goals less stress motivation Feb 20, 2022

Do you ever find yourself wondering whether or not you’re making any progress? Like you’re installing new habits or working on goals or trying to improve your life, but it feels like maybe you’re just spinning your wheels?

I find myself wondering all the time whether or not I’m getting anywhere. And that’s usually the moment I need to:

  • Step back
  • Do some journaling
  • Take stock of what’s reality vs what’s my emotion

When I’m wondering if I’m getting anywhere, I’m likely to skew a kind of negative story in my head about how hard I work but how things just aren’t working out for me. *Drama alert*

That said, so much of what we’re working towards TAKES TIME. It’s one of the things my coaching clients and students often get frustrated with… why can’t this go faster!? But once we get several years down the road, if we take time to reflect, journal, and take a breather, we can see that we’re making much more progress than we thought. 

If you ever get frustrated with how long things are taking, I suggest you listen to this episode of the Becoming Future You podcast. I chatted with my friend and coaching client Jeni Burns about the progress she’s made over the last two years. Two years is not that long. Just think where you were February 2020. (Yes, that was 2 years ago!)

Listen to this episode and work on getting some perspective in your life!



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