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Are people questioning your dream? Read this.

goals joy motivation Apr 10, 2021

I’m freshly returned from my week of vacation. Or rather, I’m still here after my week of staycation. I took the week off work but stayed home.

How was it? Some parts of it were great (like sitting on my deck) and some parts of it felt like a regular old week (like going to appointments and feeding the animals at 5am).

Have I ever told you about our deck? Our deck is remarkable.

Meaning… people remark on it.


Because it’s in the middle of our yard. Not attached to our house or close to anything else.

Plus, it’s clearly sturdy.

Visitors have been known to say things like:

Is that a stage in the middle of your yard?

Wow. It looks like you could park a car on top of that thing.

Is that new? Why did you build it way out there?

We added the deck last summer and it does indeed look odd in the middle of our yard, but I love it. I enjoy sitting on it and watching the sunset and listening to the bugs. I like it just the way it is.

But more importantly…

I love it because it’s PHASE ONE of a much bigger project.

Last summer, we built the deck.

This summer, we’re putting in a stock tank pool. A “stock tank” is a large container for watering cattle or other livestock. Our tank is about 9’ across and 2’ tall, so we’ll easily be able to float 2 rafts in it at the same time. Heaven, right?

Suddenly that deck in the middle of yard won’t seem so random.

Sometimes you have a vision for your future that other people won’t be able to see.

Sometimes you have to work on your dream one piece at a time.

People might question your sanity or wonder what you’re doing and why it’s taking so long, but none of that matters as long as YOU…

Hold tight to your vision for Future You.

Other people don’t have to understand what you’re doing as long as YOU know where you’re going. They don’t have to (and probably can’t) see the vision in your mind, and that’s okay. You’re the one who is going to have to do the work anyway.

Once you succeed…

  • All those people who doubted you will be talking about how they met you.
  • All those people who thought you were crazy will be saying they “always knew you were special.”
  • All those people who questioned your vision will be asking to come swim in your pool.

Just keep going and enjoy the journey along the way.

That’s why I’ve spent some of my staycation sitting on the random deck in the middle of my yard… enjoying it, but also looking forward to the day when I can dangle my feet over the edge and into my pool.


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You’ve got this!



Your 5-Star Life Coach ⭐️

P.S. Inspiration for this post comes from my long-time friend, Summer Flynn Editing.

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