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Are you being too precious with your great idea?

focus future you the author goals joy less stress motivation positive impact productivity Jan 30, 2021

I have an exciting announcement this week. I’m introducing a new FREE resource…

Mondays with Mel

What are Mondays with Mel, you ask? Every Monday (with a few exceptions) I’ll be going LIVE on Zoom at 2pm Eastern to talk about goals, dreams, motivation, finding your focus, becoming Future You… basically all the stuff I talk about here on Sundays.

Neat, right!?

It gets better.

I’ll teach for part of the hour and then I’m going to open it up for FREE kicks in the rear… I mean… coaching. FREE COACHING! Whee! When you attend live, you can ask me some questions and I can ask you some questions and we can get right to the heart of what you need to do next.


What do you need to do to attend? Sign up here to save your seat. I’ll email the zoom link to you and see you tomorrow at 2pm Eastern. We’ll be talking about how to stay motivated.

Hey, Mel. I’m busy/have a job/am not sure I want to see your face… will there be a replay?

Sort of. I’ll be taking pieces of Mondays with Mel and posting them on my YouTube channel and some other places. I’ll let you know when clips go up.

I know what you’re thinking…

Wow, Mel! This is such a great idea! You must have acted on it right away and not been sitting on it for a month. Right?

Erm no… that brings to the topic of today’s post.

I got the idea for Mondays with Mel at the beginning of the year, but I’ve been hesitating to start. Why? Because I’ve been falling into some of the same traps I always caution you to stay out of:

  1. Wanting it to be perfect right from the start.

I want to say all the right things and have the website page be perfect and not have any problems with zoom and …

  1. Making it too complicated.

Wouldn’t it be great if I could stream it to Facebook AND Instagram while I was also live on zoom? And maybe I can figure out how to get YouTube in there, too…


Finally a friend this week said exactly what I needed to hear:

Just Start

She reminded me I need to accept that it won’t be perfect, let it be easy, and Just. Start. Start!

Sometimes I think we get an idea we like so much that we get a bit precious with it. We want our initial attempts at execution to live up to the ideal vision in our heads. It’s like thinking the first draft of your first ever book needs to be as polished as your final draft of your tenth book. Or thinking your first listings on your Etsy store need to have all the right tags and perfect pictures.

Or thinking the first episode of Mondays with Mel is going to be flawless and streamed everywhere in 4k with perfect audio and no interruptions from the Jolly Zoo.

Um, no.


If you’ve got an idea you love, ask yourself if you’ve been holding back on starting because you’re babying the idea too much instead of just letting her out into the world. If that’s the case, find a way to start this week. Just. Start. You’ll figure it out as you go along.

I hope to see you tomorrow for the first imperfect edition of Mondays with Mel!



P.S. Save your seat for my new weekly FREE Live training, Mondays with Mel. Tomorrow, we’re talking about how to stay motivated when chasing your goals.

Procrastinating? Struggling to focus?

Not achieving your goals?

Watch the free class and STOP SABOTAGING FUTURE YOU!

Watch the FREE Training

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