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Are your dreams worth it?

focus goals motivation productivity self-care May 30, 2022

Time is such a weird thing, isn’t it? I’ve had days stretch out to eternity with me wondering when the heck it would be over. (Thinking of my time working retail…) I’ve had other days zip by in a flash, like my wedding day. I think that’s fairly common… laborious days take forever and fun days are over too fast. 

But I’ve had other things happen too. A few years ago, I was busy with my first ever course launch as well as working a full client load and I got strep throat. A few days before we were going home to visit my family, I finally dragged myself to the doctor even though I knew I already didn’t have time to do all my client work, finish my sales page, and pack for my trip, but yet… somehow I managed to get my prescription and get everything done easily. It was like time stretched for me. 

I’ve had other days where I’ve had more work than time and I said, “Universe, show me the ease,” and someone canceled a call and I zipped through a project much faster than expected and lo and behold, I got everything done.

Time is weird.

Time is a gift.

Time is what we make of it.

It can be rigid and impossible to deal with or it can stretch like bubble gum. When I finally decided I was going to make time for my coaching business, I did. I started putting my work first, I learned to focus better, I learned to prioritize and, even though I didn’t get more time, I got more out of it. I didn’t give up my sleep or quit exercising or stop watching TV in the evenings. 

It all boiled down to a decision…. I decided my dreams were worth my time. 

And then it’s almost like time agreed with me and rearranged itself. 

What about you and your dreams?

Are they worth your time? 

Have you decided to give them some time and focus even if it’s only a few minutes a day or a couple of hours on the weekend? Do you struggle with making time for yourself? Are you falling into the same trap I used to thinking you have to make time for yourself AND still do everything else?

I spent forever thinking everything in my life, everything I was doing and how long it took was chiseled in stone, not to be changed. I didn’t realize time could flex for me.

It can flex for you.

Your can improve your focus.

You can rearrange your responsibilities.

You can change how you use your time.

I can help you make these tiny tweaks that will allow you to dedicate some time to YOU.

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You’ve got this!


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