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Nov 28, 2021

I’ve been absolutely overjoyed and overwhelmed (in a good way) with the outpouring of love and support Becoming Future You has received so far! 


"This is a book I wish had been written when I first started this journey. Full of insight and deep thinking, it's also quite humorous." - Wayne Stinnett

Me too, Wayne! It would’ve helped me enormously as I set up my freelance career, especially since I spent a long time not realizing what my skills were or what they were worth.  

"A lot of books about self improvement feel too extreme for me. Like, “This will only work if you dramatically change everything about yourself.” This book is more like a collection of good ideas that a real person can try in real life to solve real problems." - Chad Maag

 I’m glad to hear that! When I hired a coach, I spent the two days prior to our first call convinced she was going to tell me everything I was doing was wrong. She didn’t. And neither will this book.

"This book is not just for the young it is for anyone, young or old. What is the one thing you always wanted to do? Why are you putting it off? Mine is drawing, I always wanted to learn to draw and I finally went out and got a book on how to draw, an artist sketch book and pencils." - Di115

You might notice the book is dedicated to my Babcia (grandma). She’s… not young. 😉 I wanted to write a book that would be useful to her, not knowing how much time she’s got left. (None of us really knows.) It’s never too late to learn to draw! (Or whatever your thing is.) 

"I loved this book so much. Mel's writing style is like sitting down and having a chat with a good friend, making it easy to read and the concepts approachable." - Shanna Hatfield

 I wrote this book just like I write this newsletter… Like I’m talking to you, {{first_name}}! (Because I am.) 

"With her clear instructions, I identified a heartfelt goal I'd kept from everyone including myself. In this self-help book there are no rules. You choose the path." - MoPooWrites

This makes my heart so happy! I spent decades hiding what was important to me from everyone, including myself. My wish for this book is that it helps each reader uncover what will bring them joy.


Becoming Future You is not a book about working harder or pushing more or overhauling your entire life. It’s about identifying and embracing what matters to you, not because it’s supposed to matter to you, but because it actually does. If you identify that the most important thing to you right now is getting to read in bed for two hours every morning, I’ll encourage you to get down with your reclining self! 

Your version of a meaningful life is different than anyone else’s. This book will help you clarify your definition and go after that life(style) with joy and excitement.

Don’t wait. Grab your copy today and then submit your receipt here (before Wednesday!!) so I can ship so bonus goodies to you. And since this is a holiday shopping weekend and you’re already thinking about presents, grab a few extra copies for your loved ones. Books make great gifts (especially when they come with free stickers) and the paperback of this one is so nice my friend told me her husband caught her caressing the cover. (I can’t blame her. It’s so silky.)



Your 5-Star Life Coach ⭐️

P.S. When you buy a copy of Becoming Future You and upload your receipt by 12/1/21, I’ll ship these extra goodies to you for each copy you purchase. Just upload your receipt here.


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