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soap bubble in the sky

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less stress motivation positive impact Nov 13, 2020

It’s been a rainy week here at the Jolly Zoo. On Thursday we had 8 inches in 24 hours. But, because I work from home and our power remained intact, I was able to continue life as usual.

Thursday evening a friend called:

HER: Can you believe how bad it is?

ME: How bad what is?

HER: …

ME: what?

HER: You don’t know? We have like 40 roads washed out in the county, there’s water everywhere, some people are missing, others are are stuck in their homes…

ME: Oh. I didn’t realize.



Here’s the thing. Yes, I do live in a bubble on occasion and I put myself there on purpose. I got the 3 alerts on the weather radio and the one on my phone that said, “dangerous flooding. If you don’t need to evacuate, stay home.”

So that’s what I did. I stayed home and I helped the people I was supposed to help. I had a couple of great coaching calls and took care of my assisting clients.

I did work that made people’s lives better.

Now, let’s imagine I’d started Thursday with the news and Facebook instead of entering my bubble as usual. I would’ve been unable to look away from the images and videos of flooding. I mean really… one of the main roads through the county was turned into a “mini Niagara falls” and a large chunk of it is just gone. Once I saw the video, I couldn’t stop looking at it. I would’ve been so worried about people who were missing that I wouldn’t have been able to fully focus on my clients or calls.

Instead of prepping for coaching, I would’ve been checking the news every chance I got and looking for more photos.

I would’ve done a poor job for people who needed my help that day.


Instead, I entered my bubble and did great work for people who needed it.

And eventually I heard the news.

And hearing it 12 hours later didn’t affect me or anyone else in a negative way.

Do you see where I’m going with this?

Not only is it okay to put yourself in a bubble, it might be the most helpful thing you can do for others.


Let’s be clear. I’m not telling you to go off the grid or live in your bubble forever, but I bet a couple of hours a day would do you a world of good.

And it would help others.

But, Mel! What I do doesn’t affect anyone else.

Sure it does! We’re all sharing this planet, so literally your every choice has an impact on someone else. I think sometimes we’re not connecting what we’re doing on a daily basis with how it affects others.

This week’s challenge:

Look at your daily schedule and decide when you can let yourself go into a bubble on a regular basis. Maybe it’s 4 hours on a weekend morning. Maybe it’s every evening for 30 minutes. Maybe it’s the first hour of every day. Maybe it’s only for 2 minutes a day because the bubble scares you.

Then, actually do it and let yourself enjoy the bubble. Have a conversation with someone you love. Read. Work on a creative project. Journal. Stare at the wall meditatively.

Don’t scroll on your phone or seek input that doesn’t belong in the sanctity of your bubble.

If you’re not used to bubbling (yes, I’m making it a verb now), it will feel uncomfortable. Keep going anyway! The benefits will far outweigh the discomfort.

You’ve got this!



P.S. Creative people like you need the magic of the bubble. Go ahead and give yourself the gift of quiet.


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