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How to Get Motivated When You Don't Wanna

motivation Oct 24, 2020

Yesterday, I had some things that needed to get done, but I Did. Not. Feel. Like. Working. My sister suggested I take an impromptu day off, but here’s what I knew:

Sunday Mel would be so mad that Saturday Mel hadn’t taken care of those tasks.

So after rejecting her first suggestion, I went with my sister’s second suggestion:

Set a timer for a short amount of time and work on only the things that matter.

That worked! Hooray! But here’s the real lesson…

I don’t have all the answers (and neither does anyone else)

Sometimes I don’t know how to motivate myself and in those moments I’m not even sure if I should motivate myself or if my mind is trying to tell me to TAKE A DANG BREAK!

This is why who you surround yourself with matters so much. My sister is my best friend and “set a timer” is certainly advice I’ve given her before. So when I need it, she says it back to me. I have another friend who learned “let it be easy” from me and is always quick to suggest it back right when I need to hear it.

Surround yourself with people who get you and encourage you.

How do you do this?

Identify who in your life has offered encouragement or a kind word to you before.

This might be someone you’re not all that close to yet, but maybe it’s time to bring them into your inner circle.

Speak honestly to those people about what you’re working on.

If you’re starting a creative venture you’ve never tried before, you might not want to tell the whole world (and you probably shouldn’t unless you like people talking you out of your dreams) but tell someone who will help you when you need it.

We all have a variety of relationships in our lives and some people are CHEERLEADERS and some are ENERGY THIEVES. The key is to start spending more time with your cheerleaders and less with your thieves.

Here's your challenge for today:

Identify one person in your life who is a cheerleader and call or text them to let them know you appreciate their support.

But, Mel! I don’t have anyone in my life to encourage me.

Sure you do, {{first_name}}. You’ve got me! You can tell me all about your dreams in my Facebook Group.




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