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Feeling like you screwed up? Read this.

focus goals less stress productivity Jun 19, 2022

Over multiple calls with some of my coaching clients, I realized something: Many of them felt like they were "sliding back." Like they had made progress in the past, but had somehow blown it and slipped.

They felt like they were at fault for “losing” progress.

Have you ever felt that way?

Like it’s one step forward and five steps back? Or like you used to have things figured out and were doing okay and then you lost it somehow?

The thing about that feeling is it’s not just about recognizing where you are currently, it comes with a heavy dose of blame for Past You. So please hear me when I say this:

You did not slip. You have not fallen back. You have not lost your progress.

We’re on a constant FORWARD TRAJECTORY. There is no back. Even though you’re not where you want to be, you didn’t actually go backwards. You’re a different person now than you used to be. You have skills, experiences, and knowledge that Past You didn’t. You didn’t slip. And if you’ve been feeling that way…

It’s time to Forgive Past You.

Forgive her for getting hurt or sick or getting busy and quitting the exercise program. Forgive her for setting aside your start-your-own-podcast dream. Forgive her for taking a weekend off and laying on the couch. (She was tired.) Forgive her for gaining weight.

Forgive her because she was making the best choices she could at the time. She couldn’t see how things were going to turn out and she didn’t have the power to control the future. There were things totally outside of her control and blaming her isn’t helping you.

It’s still all forward movement because you’re always becoming Future You.

It may not be the direction you wanted to go, in which case, it’s time to course correct. But that is going to be a whole lot easier if you forgive Past You. She was doing the best she could and making the best decisions she knew.

So let it go.




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