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🎉 Free Download: Goodbye Old Year, Hello New Year!

Dec 19, 2021

 It’s the holiday season and you know what that means… I have a present for you! 🥰

One of the themes I’ve been noticing for the past several years is this:

We all need to give ourselves a little more credit.

Things my friends have had to repeatedly tell me include:

  • Give yourself some grace.
  • You’re doing the best you can.
  • You’ve accomplished so much this year. Don’t forget that!

Things I’ve had to say to my clients over and over include:

  • You’re taking care of all your top priorities... feeding your family, working, keeping everyone safe and healthy. Just because those things are on autopilot doesn’t mean they matter any less.
  • I know it feels slow, but look how much progress you’ve made in only 6 months!
  • Wow! That’s a huge accomplishment! How are you celebrating it? (This question is usually met with silent blinking.)

So you see what I mean? We adapted and persevered in 2020 and then settled in for the long haul in 2021 and we deserve some pats on the back, dangit! Guess who those pats need to come from? Ourselves.

Yes, that’s right. We (me included) have been robbing ourselves of the praise we deserve.

So, I designed a free journal to help all of us to celebrate our grit, applaud our tenacity, and visualize a brighter future:

Click here to download Goodbye Old Year, Hello New Year: A Reflection Journal.

It’s time to say goodbye to moving the finish line and hello to winning. It’s time to say goodbye to weighty expectations and hello to focusing on what matters. It’s time to say goodbye to feeling guilty and hello to being yourself.

It’s time to kick 2021 right out the door and say hello to 2022.

I packed this thing full of all my best questions to help you clarify what matters to you so you can create a meaningful life by living up to your own standards.

I created this for you. 😘 I hope you enjoy it!

Click here to download Goodbye Old Year, Hello New Year: A Reflection Journal.


Your 5-Star Life Coach ⭐️

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