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focus future you the author goals joy less stress motivation positive impact productivity Jan 23, 2021


I recently realized Past Mel has made a lot of freebies... like a lot of them. Some are for authors to help you do your newsletter better and to reach more readers. Some are for people who want to live (their version of) their best life. Some are to teach you to cultivate more joy. 

If you're looking for free boost, I might just have something that can help you...

Tired of getting in your own way?

Do you ever...

  • Procrastinate?
  • Worry you're running out of time?
  • Wonder if you're living up to your potential?
  • Struggle to focus?
  • Break promises to yourself?
  • Worry that your lack of success is because you’re lazy?


Take my free class, How to Stop Sabotaging Future You, and get clarity on how you’re getting in your own way, take action in ways that will set Future You up for success, and become the kind of person who wins every day. Plus, I’ll give you some free planner pages just for attending!


Strive with Satisfaction

If you’ve got plans to make 2021 better than 2020, whether it’s in the way you chase your goals, how you show up for your family, or how you care for yourself, it’s important to find ways to enjoy the journey. I used to struggle with feeling joyful, but I’ve found some tried and true strategies that help me maintain a better attitude even in the face of trials. Join the free #28DayJoyChallenge and I’ll send you a 5-minute prompt every day for the next month to help you cultivate joy.


"I don't know what to say!"

If you, like many authors, struggle with "what to say" in your newsletter, I've got you covered. Grab my Stress-Free Guide to Deciding What (the heck) to Say in Your Author Newsletter.


4 Simple Habits to Grow Your Audience

As an author there are so many things you're "supposed to do," that it's impossible to keep up. Worse, it can be overwhelming and stressful. I created this stress-free guide to help you connect with your true fans on social media, in your newsletter, and where ever you're interacting with people.

Free Download: The Stress-Free Guide to Rapidly Growing Your Audience


Feel like your newsletter could use a little polish?

Sign up for the FREE 6-Step Newsletter Makeover and I'll walk you through some easy ways you can:

  • Clean up your list
  • Get more subscribers
  • Figure out what to say
  • Ditch newsletter overwhelm

Join the Free E-Course: The 6-Step Newsletter Makeover


Have you been putting off learning? Have you been downloading free ebooks, but not reading them? If you are at all like Past Mel, you might need to hear that all that knowledge is only useful if you absorb it and take action on it right. (Past Mel was a procrasti-learner.)

It’s true. I used to horde freebies like a squirrel storing up food for the winter.

Then, I finally realized that I was going to have to… ummm… actually look at the content if I wanted to absorb it.


If you sign one of my freebies, actually use it. Or watch a course or read an ebook or engage in some other type learning that you’ve been “meaning to” consume.

Have a fantastic week!



Procrastinating? Struggling to focus?

Not achieving your goals?

Watch the free class and STOP SABOTAGING FUTURE YOU!

Watch the FREE Training

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