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"I don't have time for self-care."

joy self-care Jan 29, 2022

It’s Sunday, or as I call it in my Becoming Future You Facebook group, #selfcaresunday. It’s really easy, especially when we’re busy chasing a goal or a dream or heck… just trying to survive… it’s really easy to put off taking care of ourselves. It’s easy to push and push and push and never take a break. 

Do you know what happens if you never take a break?

You burn out.

You give up.

You can’t take care of those plants/pets/people who are counting on you, much less work towards your dreams.

So why not do something nice for yourself today? It is #SelfCareSunday after all. If you can’t think of anything nice to do, drink a glass of water. You’ve got time for that. 


P.S. If you’ve been struggling with feeling optimistic lately, maybe you want to listen to this episode of the podcast about finding joy when you don’t feel like it. 

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