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focus goals joy less stress motivation productivity Jun 20, 2021


Do you have a dream? Something you’ve wanted for a long time, maybe even since you were little, but it’s Just. Not. Happening? 

Maybe you’ve even got a dream you’ve all but given up on?

If so, you are far from alone.

When I first started attending meetings at my local writing chapter, I met lots of women who had been working on their first book for 5 or 10 years and they still weren’t ready to publish. 

Do you feel like you’ve got a crystal clear vision for Future You and you’re working on it, but it’s not getting any closer??


It’s possible you’re getting your own way and you don’t even realize it.


Let me tell you about my friend and coaching client, Jeni. 

Jeni is a writer. I mean in her heart and soul… writing brings her joy and she’s great at it. She’s even published a few books. When Jeni and I started working together, she’d lost her hope and positivity. She wanted to make writing her full time job, but she was stuck at a job she didn't love. She wanted to get back to writing fiction and publishing again, but she couldn’t figure out why she couldn’t make herself get the writing done. Through my DIY coaching program, Unlock Your 5-Star Future, Jeni discovered that while she wanted to focus on her career, the area of her life that most needed her attention was her health. 


Let me say that again… one of the things stopping her from getting the books written was her health.


You are not a machine. All areas of your life (relationships, physical/mental health, career, personal growth, finance, etc) have to work together even if it seems like your dream is firmly planted in a single category. 

Have you ever had an argument with someone at work and then come home and snapped at your spouse? The stress from work bled into your personal life. Or have you ever been sick and not been able to do your job? Your health effected your work life.


It’s all one life. And it’s hard to achieve in one area if you’re struggling in another.


Once Jeni realized how much she’d been ignoring her health, she put her time and energy into getting back on track. And when she did, she lost 24lbs, started sleeping better, and was able to focus when she sat down to write. She became more productive because she focused on her health. And then she was able to quit her day job and make writing her full-time gig. 

Do you see what I mean? 


Sometimes we’re so focused on one area we don’t even see the clear answer in another.


I’m going to give you a gift. This power sheet is from the first week of my DIY coaching program: Unlock Your 5-Star Future, but I’m going to give it to you for free. It’ll only take a few minutes, but don’t let its simplicity fool you. My students often tell me that it was a huge eye-opener.

Download the free worksheet and rate each area of your life from 1-5 stars. The area that gets the lowest rating is the one that needs your attention.

But, Mel! I really just want to achieve my dream of opening my Etsy store! Why do I need to worry about anything else right now? 

It’s nearly impossible to achieve highly in one area if you’re dragging along a 1-star area. It’s like a weight on your ankle.  You’ll run much faster if you do the work of bringing that life area up and removing the ankle weight.


If you have several life areas that have an equally low rating and one of them is your health, start there first.

Habits related to health are called “keystone habits,” meaning when you add them they have a positive trickle down effect. It’s scientifically proven that when you exercise, you’re more likely to make healthy eating choices and you’re better able to focus. 



Download the free power sheet and fill it out. Pick one area of your life that needs your attention and start making a plan to improve that area. Yes, really. Just pick one. When we do too much right out of the gate, we get overwhelmed and quit. Jeni didn’t believe me at first, but I was right. She even mentions it in her video testimonial.

You’ve got this!



Your 5-Star Life Coach ⭐️

P.S. No matter what your dream, it’ll be easier to achieve if you’re not letting one area of your life lag behind. It’s all one life and dreams are easier to achieve if you work towards balance. Download the free power sheet and start getting that balance today!

Mel Jolly’s class was an answer to a prayer I’d been praying on repeat.” - Jeni Burns

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