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Overwhelmed with things to learn? Read this.

focus less stress motivation Sep 26, 2021

I’m just returning from the Novelists, Inc. Conference where I met many fabulous people. I love the creative sparkle of a group of writers brainstorming and planning and sharing what’s working and what isn’t.

One of the awesome things that can happen when we interact with other like-minded people is that we get filled with energy and excitement to keep learning and growing and pushing forward in our journey of becoming Future Us. However, one of the unfortunate things that used to happen to me is that, after an event like this, I would get overwhelmed because there was so much to learn and do and gosh darn it… why am I so far behind? I’ll never learn everything I need to know!

This is why I want to share a concept I heard on a podcast several years ago. (It was the Smart Passive Income podcast, but I no longer remember the episode.) The concept is called:

Just In Time Learning

It means, when you need to learn to do something, you will. 

Here’s what I used to do… 

I used to keep a running list of things I thought I SHOULD be learning…. ebook formatting, how to better utilize Quickbooks, more Photoshop tricks, how to better manage my inbox, etc.

But here’s the thing… I never actually said to myself, “Okay, Mel. We’re going to take an hour and look up some Photoshop tutorials.” (Maybe you do take the time for that, but I didn’t.)

I kept those items on my to-do list forever and the longer something was on the list, the worse I felt about ignoring it. 

But do you know what happened? One day I needed to format an ebook and that’s the day I figured it out. I learned what I needed just in time.

Every time I need to do something in Quickbooks, but I don’t know how, I look it up and learn it that day. 

Are there neat tricks that I’m missing out on? Probably. But I have to prioritize my time and if I choose to prioritize other things above learning something I think I MIGHT need someday, that’s okay.

This is not to say that you shouldn’t work to learn new skills, just cut yourself some slack.

If it’s something you really need to know, you’ll learn it just in time.


Review your mental (or physical) “things I need to learn” list and ask yourself how many of them it will benefit you to learn now and which ones you can wait to learn the moment you need them.

You’ve got this!



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