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Need to give your goals a quick boost? Read this.

focus goals motivation productivity May 01, 2022

I just have a quick question for you: 

What are you working on? And what’s your biggest challenge been when it comes to working on that thing?

Oops. That’s two questions. Or it’s one question and a follow up. Either way, let me know what you’re working on and what’s getting in your way by clicking here.

Did you know that simply stating your goal to someone else (which is what will happen when you answer these two questions) makes you more likely to achieve it?

  1. Stating your goal means you have to clarify it enough to express it to someone else.
  2. Once someone else knows what you’re working on, you have a natural feeling of accountability. (What if that person follows up with you to ask how it’s going?)
  3. Once you say, “I’m working on XYZ,” your brain is naturally going to feel a bit more inclined to work on that thing so that you can be right. So that what you said (“I’m working on…”) will be accurate and true. We love being right! It’s one of our favorite things.

So what are you working on and what’s been challenging about it? Let me know! 

You’ve got this!


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