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focus goals less stress productivity Aug 22, 2021

For months now, my husband has been offering to help me with editing my podcast and my youtube videos. And for months, I’ve been turning him down.

You won’t know where to cut in the intro…

I have to decide if there’s anything I want to edit…

I need to listen to every episode so I can write the summaries…

I’d rattle off one of many excuses and he’d shrug and say, “well, let me know when you’re ready for my help.”

Last week, I caved. After months of sitting on these episodes, which I’d been sneakily recording at the same time I’d been doing Mondays with Mel, I realized I didn’t have time to edit them. And I could either keep sitting on them or I could finally accept some help.

Sometimes my advice to you is, “ask for help.” Today it’s…

Accept the help that’s being offered.


Do you ever get this picture in your mind of how something needs to be done? And you think it’s easier for you to just do it yourself rather than explain it to someone else? And even when someone straight out OFFERS TO HELP, you turn them down?

Yeah… that idea could be holding you back the same way it was holding me back.


Here are some things to remember:


1. If Present You doesn’t have time to do The Thing, there’s a good chance Future You is going to be just as busy.

Unless you change something about the way you’re working or the amount of things you’re taking on or you accept some help, chances are high 3-months-from-now-you is still going to be busy. This means something’s gotta give and wouldn’t it be nice if you decided what that thing was going to be?


2. Good enough is better than not at all.

More often than not, we’re underestimating how good of a job that other person is going to do with the task. (My husband did just as well editing as I would’ve.) However, even when we’re not wrong and the other person isn’t going to do as well… ask yourself:

“Is good enough better than not at all?”

Is it better for your kid to do an okayish job cleaning the litter box than for you to not have time to do it for the fourth day in a row?


3. Most people enjoy helping others.

It makes them feel useful and needed; it gives them purpose. Have you ever thought about how when you DON’T let people help you, you are robbing them of the good feelings that come from being of assistance? My sweet hubby actually thanked ME for letting him help with my business. (And then I felt bad for saying no so many times previously.)


Honestly, I can't even describe how shocking it was to see how much we accomplished last week as a team. It was so much!



Start listening to all the times you say no when someone offers to help you. I bet it’s more often than you think. Once you get a bead on that, you can start accepting assistance and asking for it when you need it. Think how grateful Future You will be that you picked up this valuable skill!

You’ve got this!



Your 5-Star Life Coach 

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