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Not feeling motivated? Read this!

Apr 25, 2022


With every new day comes a new opportunity to work on something that matters to you. Personally, I love working on things that matter to me. This includes exercising, writing books, writing this newsletter, meditating, decluttering my house, spending time with my hubby and my pets and a ton of other things. I love working on things that matter to me because I love seeing progress.

This also means, I really struggle when what I’m working on isn’t making a difference. Or worse, it’s causing a negative change.

Maybe the decluttering is making my house feel more cluttered because I’ve got stuff everywhere. 

Maybe time with my pets when I’m already at the end of my rope means I yell at my cat for getting in the cabinets again. (Bedford!!)

Maybe no one bought my book today and I feel like I’m not reaching anyone.

Argh! It’s all so frustrating and it really messes with my motivation. 

That’s the thing about motivation: When you really need her, she will ghost you. 

This is why I often focus on my habits instead of on what motivates me. Habits don’t let you down because… you do them habitually whether you feel like it or not. (obv) I can’t tell you the last time I felt motivated to brush my teeth, but I still do it every day. At least 60% of the time, I don’t feel motivated to exercise, but I do it because I feel weird if I don’t. It’s a habit. I do it even if I’m not currently seeing a difference because I know I’ll see the difference eventually.

The bottom line is, you don’t need motivation. 

Learn how to bypass motivation in this podcast episode: 

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If you ever struggle with motivating yourself, give them a listen!


Ask yourself: If Future You has achieved XYZ goal, what habit did You use to get there?

That’s the habit you most need to lock in!

You’ve got this!



Your 5-Star Life Coach ⭐️

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