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Read this if you're afraid people are tired of hearing from you

future you the author less stress positive impact Mar 05, 2021

In one of my coaching calls this week, I had the opportunity to bring up one of the strategies I learned from Brendon Burchard:

It’s okay to say it more than once.

When it comes to communicating, we think that just because we said it one time, everybody’s got it. I find this especially true when it comes to marketing and newsletters and social media.

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Because I know you get busy and sometimes you miss one or two of my emails. Or maybe you have to skim it from time to time. Or maybe it winds up in your spam folder. GASP

It’s okay to say something more than once in your newsletter.

Can you say something more than once on social?

Let me ask you this… do you think everyone who follows you sees every single one of your posts? Or course not. If you want people to see it, you’ll probably have to say something more than once. I’m not telling you to duplicate the same post 7 times in one week, but say it a few days in a row with different language.

It’s okay to say something more than once on social media.

What about with your family? Do you need to say it more than once?

This is really what Brendon was talking about… interpersonal communication. He said we often fall into the trap of thinking we only need to say something once to our partner or kids and they’ll just “get it” after that.

I’ve definitely fallen into this trap before… not just thinking they’ll get it after I tell them once, but getting upset when they don’t. That’s not really fair to them. They’re aren’t living inside my head (and thank goodness for that) and they don’t realize the way I’ve been rolling this thought around in my mind for however long before verbalizing it.

It’s okay to say it more than once to your family.

Positive things. Challenging things. All the things.

No one else is inside your head, so say it more than you think you need to.


Journal about what you’ve been holding inside that you might need to say more than once. Maybe it’s a personal thing or a marketing thing, but identify it and then use your words to take the thing out of your head and into the world.

You’ve got this!

Your Becoming Future You Coach,


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