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Read this if you're feeling burnt out

focus goals joy less stress motivation productivity Apr 03, 2021

Have you ever imagined a version of Future You who has more energy or maybe better focus or perhaps exciting new ideas?

It’s that time of year in North Carolina when the flowers start to bloom, but the temp still dips below freezing at night. The days are getting longer, and I remain confused about what time it is, despite the time change being 3 weeks ago. And I’m fondly remembering this is the time of year when I’d start Conference Season by hopping on a plane and going somewhere exotic, like Chicago or Salt Lake City.

I miss conference travel. I miss seeing your faces and teaching classes and Taking. A. Break.

I’m not great at taking breaks, so conferences were always a forced (and welcome) change of routine for me. I’d leave my house, meet new people, try new foods, and most importantly… step away from the day-to-day emails and responsibilities of work.

And while I’d come home from conferences physically exhausted (that’s a lot of extroverting, even for me) I’d also have renewed energy, fresh ideas, and an exciting vision for the future.  

Taking a break or a change of routine can shake things up in a way that gives your brain space to imagine and dream and think, “what if I did things differently…” Taking a break gives your body and mind time to rest and recharge.

Taking a break can help create that version of Future You who has more energy, better focus, and exciting new ideas.

Sometimes we imagine a version of Future Us who is different from Present Us, but we don’t actually do the work to make it real.

Like, we think Future Us is better rested, but we don’t rest.

We think Future Us is more creative, but we don’t take a break.

We believe Future Us has more time, but we don’t learn to better manage our time.

Do you see what I mean?

5-Star Future You isn’t just going to show up. You have to do the work of becoming Future You.

In my case, Future Mel is well rested and has a plan for the next 12 weeks. So Present Mel needs to Take. A. Break. In order to make that real.


If Future You has more energy, better focus, and great ideas… what’s ONE THING you can do THIS WEEK to move you in the direction of that version of Future You?

Do you need to journal?

Do you need to plan your next 12 weeks?

Do you need to take a mental break?

Do you need to take a day away from the computer?

Do you need to read a personal growth book? Or a book for fun?

What do you need to do to bring energetic, focused, creative Future You into existence?

For me, I'm taking next week off from all of my regular work. I don’t get to travel to a conference, but I’m still going to shake up my routine, clear out the mental cobwebs, rest my eyes, and maybe take myself out to lunch a time or two.

It’s time for an internal spring cleaning!



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