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Struggling? Time for some accountability

May 11, 2022

Last week, I asked what you were working on and what challenge you were facing. Just by answering that question, whether you replied to my email or not, you affirmed your commitment to your goal, gained a bit of clarity, and reminded yourself, “Yes! I am doing this.”

That’s awesome!

I know you’ve got things that matter to you; maybe you’ve clarified those things into goals and projects and dreams or maybe the concepts are more nebulous, but I know you’re working on creating your authentic life. A life that is filled with joy and meaning and creation.

I used to struggle with all of those things, but especially the creation part. I’m naturally creative (so are you – we all have the energy of creation, we just use it in different ways) but I wasn’t using my creativity because I was too busy procrastinating. I was too worried about making things perfect.

I was too busy thinking I was "too busy," when really I was wasting a lot of time.

Something that helped me in overcoming those challenges was getting myself around other positive people who weren’t letting procrastination stop them. People who might have high standards, but not the impossible standards of perfectionism. People who were interested in improving and growing and achieving their dreams.

Who you are around MATTERS. You already know this. Think about the last time you were around someone who just made you feel tired or cranky or bad about yourself.

Remember that? Now think about the last time you felt the opposite of that. Maybe you have a great cheerleader in your life who always makes you feel good or maybe you read one of my emails or listened to a podcast episode and my words helped you feel just a little bit better.

What if you could get off the “busy” train and start spending your time in ways that make you feel good? What if you could improve your focus (it’s a muscle, you know) and create better habits so you can work joyfully and easily on what matters to you? What if there was someone who would look at your beautiful face and cheer you on!?

There is! You can have all that when you join the Becoming Future You Mastermind and come to our Zoom meeting next week. We meet twice a month on Zoom, plus Mastermind Members get access to the recordings of the calls (if you can’t make it live) as well as immediate access to 2 of my masterclasses.

Guidance + Cheerleading + Accountability = Becoming Future You Mastermind

Let me give you some loving kicks in the rear so you can become that authentic version of you.

Let’s do this!
Your 5-Star Life Coach ⭐️

P.S. Join the Becoming Future You Mastermind today and I’ll see you on Tuesday!

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