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Stuck in overdrive? Read this.

focus goals joy productivity Jul 12, 2022

Has your brain been in overdrive lately? You’re not alone. We get so much input all day long, sometimes it’s hard to hear the sound of our own thoughts. Or maybe we don’t want to hear the sound of our own thoughts.

Letting input or avoidance run your life does not lead to feeling a steady sense of peace, joy, creativity, flow, or productivity. It just makes you feel wrung out. Sometimes, you need to get quiet and listen to yourself. And in order to do that… you need actual quiet!

Today’s Challenge

  1. Go into a room by yourself.
  2. Shut the door.
  3. Sit down and close your eyes. And breathe.

Stay there until your thoughts slow down.

If 5 minutes won’t cut it, keep coming back to this exercise until you can hear the sound of your own brain.

You’ve got this!



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