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less is more on a desert highway

Feeling like you're not doing enough?

joy less stress motivation productivity Feb 06, 2021

Last week I hosted my first Mondays with Mel and it was so much fun. This is my new weekly freebie to help you start the week with positivity. I go live on Zoom, teach a little (right now we’re talking about goals and dreams), and answer questions. And I’ll be doing it almost every Monday. You can attend for free if you want! Just click here to get the Zoom invite.

As I’m creating my lessons for Mondays with Mel, I’m digging back through my mental file of lessons and stories and reflecting on my career thus far. What’s worked? What hasn’t? That sort of thing.

One of my biggest discoveries has been this:

Less is more.

The mistake I made early on was thinking more was more.

As an assistant, I’d pack my client emails with these long lists of bullet points of everything they needed to know, some things they didn’t need to know, and everything I needed from them.

With some clients that worked just fine. With others I realized, every time I did that, it would take forever to get a response. Finally, I figured out I was overwhelming them, and I learned to break up those big emails and get better at articulating action items.

Less was more.

When I first started doing workshops, and especially when I started getting paid to do them, I thought more was more and I’d throw everything including the kitchen sink into my classes.  I’ve also attended workshops where clearly the instructor thought the same thing. It was like we were thinking, “I know you paid me, so I’m going to talk as fast as I can and put every thought I’ve ever had into this one hour.”

It didn’t seem to work.

In my workshops, I would get more energized and talk faster, but I could see in the faces of my attendees that they were ending my class exhausted.

Not exactly my intention. When I teach, I want people to leave feeling uplifted, energized, and ready for their next step.

Once I clarified my intention, I was able to trim down my workshops, talk slower, and give people the exact action items they needed for their next step (and not all the action items for 10 steps down the road).

Less was helping people more.

And that was and is my goal… to help. So how does this apply to you?

I know you’ve got a lot going on between your creative work, your work work, your family stuff, taking care of your health, remembering to have fun (!!??), keeping up with your household, and so much more.

How often are you falling prey to the lie “more is more?”

Are you trying to cram everything you know into one book?

Are you overdoing it with the meals you’re trying to cook every night?

Are you exercising so much you’re making yourself susceptible to injury?

Are you forgetting to let it be easy?

Sometimes, less is more. It’s better for others and it’s better for you. It’s a win-win.

We forget this when we get so wrapped up in the more is more mentality. Maybe we’re trying to prove something to ourselves or them. Maybe it’s the way we’ve always done it. Maybe we’re trying to fill up all of our time because we’re afraid of open space to think.

Whatever the reason… are you getting caught up in the lie that more is more?

This week’s challenge:

Examine your day-to-day activities and ask yourself:

Is less actually more?

Can I let this be easy?

Would letting it be easy actually improve things and help others and myself?

You’ve got this, {{first_name}}! Have a great week and maybe I’ll see you tomorrow?



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