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Want to be better at learning? Try this.

focus goals productivity May 30, 2021

Things at the Jolly Zoo are moving along as we adjust to our new life. There are moments when I feel fine and moments when I don’t. I haven’t been surprised by the love and support shown to me by you and my coaching clients and students. I’m know I’m lucky to have such a great crew! But I have been surprised by how some of my own advice is coming back to me through you.

In our private Facebook group for Unlock Your 5-Star Future students, more than once someone has said, “Mel, you suggested I try This Thing when I was struggling with XYZ and it really helped. Maybe it’s what you need to do now?”

Even though uplifting and encouraging people through their exciting/scary/emotional transitions into Future Them has been what I’ve been trying to do for years, I’m still absolutely delighted when I hear something I said made a difference.

Now it’s coming back full circle to help me as my vision for Future Mel is forced to change.

And I’ve realized that I took a critical step that could help Future {{first_name}} as well.

Teach others what you’re learning.

Talk about it with your friends, with your family, with your kids.

Talk about what you're learning.

Try to explain the book. Try to explain my newsletter. Try to explain a video you saw on YouTube.

When you do this…

YOU will understand it better.

Your brain has to reorganize it and internalize it more deeply in order to explain it and teach it to somebody else.

Second, when things get hard for you…

People will come back to you with the lessons you taught them.

Just like my friends and students and coaching clients are now all reaching out to me to help lift me up and offer me advice that I once offered to them.  

It's a beautiful thing. And it’s SO helpful!

Scientists calls this The Protégé Effect.


At least once, explain to someone else what you’ve learned. Whether it’s new trick on the computer, how to make a new recipe, something you’ve learned in a book, or a video you stumbled upon on YouTube. Pass on the knowledge and experience and wisdom you’re gaining. If you’re unsure of what to share with whom, post about this blog on social media. Make sure you write something your own words to go along with the post!

If you’re already in the habit of talking about what you’re learning with others, double your efforts. That’s right. I said DOUBLE YOUR EFFORTS. Growth only happens when you challenge yourself. Everything else is maintenance.

You’ve got this!


Much love,


Your 5-Star Life Coach

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