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What’s your happiness worth?

focus goals joy motivation productivity self-care May 25, 2022

Is it worth $1?

What about consistently taking time for you? Is that worth $1?

You’re the boss of you and I’m not here to tell you what to do with your time, but I am here to help you learn to utilize it better so you can use it for what matters most to you.

I’m running a 14-day trial of the Becoming Future You Mastermind for only $1.

That means when you sign up today, you can attend both the May 31 and June 7 meetings! Plus, you can get in and instantly watch the 2 bonus classes, which are designed to help you visualize your future and refresh your motivation.

Who is the Becoming Future You Mastermind for?

Anyone who wants to do a better job focusing on themselves.

Whether you want to make more time for fun and relaxing this summer or you’ve got a serious work goal to accomplish, the BFY Mastermind can help. It’s all about creating your version of a meaningful life through intention and accountability. So the “goal” you decide to work on next may have to do with your relationships, hobbies, self-care, health or something else.

Or it may be what you typically think of as a goal or dream like, “I want to start my podcast.”

It’s all welcome in the BFY Mastermind because you are a complete person. Your life seeks to be well-rounded and full of joyful experiences. We’re not going to be all WORK, WORK, WORK all the time unless that’s what brings you joy. And you get to decide!

If you need me to push you to get things done, I can do that. If you need me to say, “Hey! Cut yourself some slack.” I can do that, too. (Usually, people don’t know they need that one. It’s just that I know they need it and when I say it, they start crying. #Nailedit)

I’ll encourage you, help you troubleshoot your challenges, guide you, and hold you accountable.

Let’s work on creating your version of your best life. Isn’t that worth $1?

Sign up here.

You’ve got this!


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