What if you could make progress on your goals FASTER? 



Do you ever struggle with...

Not finishing what you start?

Trying to make things perfect?


There's no question, becoming Future You is hard work, especially if you choose to do it all alone. You can get off track and struggle to find your way back.

What if you could save time and enjoy the process?


Try the Becoming Future You Mastermind for 14 days $1

Guidance + Cheerleading + Accountability

= Becoming Future You Mastermind

Find Your Focus

Problems arise, real life happens, and suddenly you’re off track. No worries! We’re going to meet on Zoom twice a month and I’ll help you refocus and come up with a strategy to knock out those challenges.

Enjoy the Journey

Working in a bubble with no one cheering you on is hard. I’ve been accused of having “relentless positivity.” When you’re feeling down, I’ll be there and so will the other members of the group!

Make Progress

My private coaching clients find they get so much more done because they know I’m going to ask about their commitments. Accountability works! We’re meeting twice a month so you can make continual progress throughout the year. 

Mel will kick you in the rear with her relentless positivity."


Jeni Burns, coaching client

When you're able to focus and work on what really matters, you don't have to spend hours and hours and days and months working on The Thing.


You can accomplish your goals AND have more time for you. 

Here's what you get:

 â˜… Two Group Zoom Calls per Month (Usually Tuesdays around 2:30pm Eastern.)

Upcoming Calls:

Tuesday, May 17 - 2:45pm Eastern
Tuesday, May 31 - 2:30pm Eastern
Tuesday, June 7 - 2:30pm  Eastern
Tuesday, June 21 - 2:30pm Eastern

★ Rolling Access to 6 Months of Recordings

★ Continued Accountability in the Facebook Group



 â˜… New Year, Future You Masterclass

★ Reset & Recharge Your Motivation Masterclass


Get Started in the Becoming Future You Mastermind for $1
Try the Becoming Future You Mastermind for 14 days $1

For the first time in years, I feel hopeful about meeting my goals."


Cidney Swanson, coaching client