8. Celebrating Your Wins: Not Easy, but Worth It

Season #2

Sometimes we don’t know how to celebrate or we don’t want to lose our momentum. It always makes me think of that great moment in the show Parks and Rec when Leslie, Ann, and April achieve a big win and Leslie says, “okay! Let’s get to work!” and Ann says, “Do never just take a second to enjoy things?” Leslie replies with, “I just said ‘let’s get to work.’ How else to people enjoy things?” We hear you, Leslie Knope! But because we want to feed our motivation and enjoy the journey, we’re going to LEARN how to enjoy things.

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Mel Jolly has been working with authors and creative entrepreneurs for nearly two decades. She is a marketing consultant and coach who works with women to help them rediscover their dreams, level up their enjoyment of life, and unleash their awesomeness.

Mel started out as a Library Assistant in Young Adult Services where she specialized in outreach to at risk teens at juvenile detention centers and group homes. Mel also holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre Performance, which means she’s not afraid of a challenge, a crowd, or a little drama!

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