22. Why Becoming Positive Future You is a Must

Season #3

If you’re going to do the work of Becoming Future You, you’re going to have to develop a positive mindset. There will be days you don’t feel like seeking clarity or taking action or stepping outside your comfort zone, but your positive attitude will carry you through. Today, we’re talking about a brain hack that will help you develop and strengthen your positive attitude.

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Mel Jolly has been working with authors and creative entrepreneurs for nearly two decades. She is a marketing consultant and coach who works with women to help them rediscover their dreams, level up their enjoyment of life, and unleash their awesomeness.

Mel started out as a Library Assistant in Young Adult Services where she specialized in outreach to at risk teens at juvenile detention centers and group homes. Mel also holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre Performance, which means she’s not afraid of a challenge, a crowd, or a little drama!

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