Becoming Future You

How to Stop Sabotaging Future You 


The 3-step system that will help you go from constantly getting in your own way to winning every day.

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Sound too good to be true? My students have found their focus, created blueprints for their life, and achieved life-long dreams by learning to do favors for themselves instead of sabotage. You can join them! Learn how in this FREE workshop!

Do you ever...

√ Procrastinate?

√  Worry you're running out of time?

√ Wonder if you're living up to your potential?

√ Struggle to focus?

√ Break promises to yourself?

√ Worry that your lack of success is because you’re lazy?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this FREE training is for YOU!
The problem isn’t YOU. It’s your system and the sabotage cycle. Get out of it NOW.
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In this FREE training you’ll learn:


To identify exactly how you’re currently sabotaging Future You.


How to do favors for Future You that will combat your specific problems.


How to become the kind of person who consistently does favors instead of sabotage.

Most importantly, you’ll learn how to be a truer version of YOU.

You are unique and this workshop is designed to help you create a blueprint to live your version (and not anyone else’s version) of a better life.

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Free for Attending!

At the end of the presentation, I’ll provide you with these FREE planner pages to help you put what you learn into action right away.

This is your FREE GIFT just for attending this new workshop!

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"It's easier to sleep knowing I helped Future [Me] out like this."

People who know me are familiar with me talking about Past Tawdra and thanking her for doing things that make my life easier now (like writing a  post I might need or setting up a dinner date or creating a template for something). I'm really grateful to Past Tawdra quite frequently.  On the other hand, I never thought much about Future Tawdra. She was pretty much on her own, and honestly, I've sometimes even done things that I have a hunch won't make Future Tawdra happy. There have been times when I've thought--well, Future Tawdra can deal with that.  When Mel first began talking to me about what I could do to make life better for Future Tawdra, it was frankly mind-blowing. Now, I try to hold onto that mindset: is what I'm doing now going to help or hurt Future Tawdra? The idea has shifted my perspective in a radical and righteous way.
Marvelous presentation with DARA - Dallas Area Romance Authors this morning and the brilliant, organized, tireless Mel Jolly, who helped us charge a great pathway to creative organization! Thanks, Mel!!! Such a pleasure to see your smiling face!!!

It's time to stop sabotaging future you so you can find your focus & achieve your goals!

Learn the 3-step system that will help you go from constantly getting in your own way to winning every day.

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