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"Mel's advice is golden, and more importantly, it's actionable!"

- Melissa F. Miller
USA Today Bestselling Author

Workshops that are Actionable (and not boring)

Are you looking for someone to make your audience laugh while also teaching them to make lasting change with easy, actionable steps? You've come to the right place.

Hi there! It's nice to meet you.
I'm Mel.

First let me say, I really appreciate the work you're doing. I spent many years booking speakers for organizations both as a volunteer and professionally and I know what I big job it can be. Hang in there. Even if I'm not the person you're looking for at the moment, I know you'll find exactly the right speaker for your crowd!

My goal is to make it simple.

Whether it's how to combat stress and overwhelm or expand their reach, I want anyone who attends my workshop to walk away with a plan. What simple step can they take next to move them towards their dreams and goals?


Workshops (can be presented virtually)

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Get Your *Stuff* Together: Organization for Creatives


In this workshop, we’ll discuss the tools that can be used to manage your to-do list more efficiently, how to organize your time for peak productivity, and how to make sure you never forget to Do The Things. From applications for project and time management to organization tips and tricks, this is the workshop that will teach you how to clear up brain space for maximum creative thinking. The bottom line: a more organized, more creative, and more relaxed entrepreneur.

Newsletters: The Powerhouse Tool

Of all the various ways an entrepreneur can connect with buyers, the newsletter is often overlooked, even though it is among the most powerful and useful tools for reaching an audience directly. In this workshop we'll talk about the importance of a mailing list, how to develop one and keep it growing, and what kind of newsletters work best, as well as what not to do. We'll also discuss how often to send a newsletter, and what kind of content engages subscribers and keeps them interested in having you in their inbox.

How to Hire Some Help Already

Hiring freelancers offers a great opportunity to help a solopreneur to become more organized and effective. In this workshop, we'll talk about how to evaluate freelancers and identify tasks you'd like to outsource. We'll share tips and tricks to managing an effective relationship, and discuss how to avoid common problems.

Expand Your Audience: How to Add “Speaker” to Your Resume

You don’t have to be a NYT bestseller to have something useful to say. Learn how to find your ideal audience, craft your pitch, book an event from start to finish, and become a calm, cool and collected speaker.

"I’m famous for making things hard on myself, but Mel Jolly changed my life when she taught me to ask myself, 'What if I let this be easy?' Now I think about that phrase every day, and it invariably helps me. Mel’s advice is the right mix of 'you’ve got this' and a kick in the rear."

Nikki Brock

"I have attended several of Mel's workshops—both in person and virtually. She has a impressive ability to condense vast amounts of time-saving and productivity-improving principles into bite-sized pieces that you can begin implementing immediately. Her classes are lively and informative, a can't-miss opportunity for all authors!"

Tara Leigh

"Mel was the kickoff speaker at the Connecticut chapter of Romance Writers of America's most recent conference. Her master class on newsletters was informative, engaging, and comprehensive without being overwhelming. Our members loved her hand-on approach and her accessibility to answer questions, not only during the class but throughout the rest of the conference weekend. Hands down would have her back again."

Regina Kyle
CTRWA President

"I love working with Mel. She’s taught me life changing habits, and I’ve seen an improvement in my writing in the short time we’ve worked together. She brightens my day and helps me put into place goals, tips and techniques to strengthen my craft. Worth every penny and more."

Shana Lindsey

Previous Events

September 2019
Novelists, Inc Conference
St. Pete Beach, FL

May 2019
Book Lovers Con
New Orleans, LA

April 2019
The Write Touch Conference
☆ Headliner ☆
Milwaukee, WI

September 2018
Novelists, Inc Conference
St. Pete Beach, FL

September 2018
CT Fiction Fest
☆ Featured Speaker ☆

May 18, 2018
RT Booklovers Convention
Reno, NV

April 27-28, 2018
Utah RWA Chapter Retreat
Salt Lake City, UT

October 4-8, 2017
Novelists, Inc
St. Pete Beach, FL

July 2017
RWA National Conference
Orlando, FL

May 2017
Romantic Times Conference
Atlanta, GA

July 2016
RWA National Conference
San Diego, CA

April 2016
Central Ohio Fiction Writers
Columbus, OH

October 2015
Novelists Inc Conference
St. Pete Beach, FL

March 2015
NOLA Written in the Stars Conference
Shreveport, LA

January 2015
Charlotte Romance Writers
Charlotte, NC

October 2014
Central Ohio Fiction Writers Conference
Columbus, OH

July 2014
RWA National Conference
San Antonio, TX

April 2014
Chicago North Spring Fling
Chicago, IL

March 2014
Central Ohio Fiction Writers
Columbus, OH

January 2014
Lowcountry Romance Writers
Charleston, SC

July 2013
RWA National Conference 2013
Atlanta, GA

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